About Craftypocalypse

Two crazy women who love crafting and want to share what they do!

About Cathrene

2016-02-07 12.52.19Born in Northwich, Cheshire (UK), I have been knitting and sewing from an early age – I had the best dressed toys!  This passion for making things has just grown, and I am always working on a project (or several!).

After spending 8 years abroad (Germany and France), I returned to the UK, bought a house, and started setting up a sewing / craft room so that I had a happy place to “play” in!

Other hobbies and interests include geology (Daisy’s Geology), reading, hiking, travelling and much more!

About Rebecca


Born in Florida but raised in Ohio (USA) I didn’t pick up knitting and such until a bit later in life, starting around 17.  I enjoy not just knitting, but crochet, loom work, and sewing.  Though I also burn a lot of time on alternative crafts such as silicone decoden, resin and polymer clay workings, lace making and some light jewellery making.   However, first and foremost I’m an illustrator and virtual content creator.  Ranging from character portraits and costume design, to 3D modelling.

If you’re familiar with second life I have extensive work there through my own shop, game madding is another hobby of mine.  You can have a look at my various goings ons on tumbler (Rebecca and Lamplights).  I’ve very much a gamer girl and enjoy cute fun things.

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