Simplicity K1108 – Ladies Kimono Pattern

After subscribing to the Simply Sewing Magazine for some time, I was delighted when this Kimino pattern was included – I simply loved the look of it!

So, I started making it. Sadly, the pattern was not as “Easy to sew” as indicated – my mother (a textiles teacher for over 35 years) and I struggled with the scanty instructions (even in terms of cutting out of the pattern in the fabric!).

HOWEVER, we gave up on the pattern, and used our knowledge to finish it ourselves…

I am happy with the result! Read more

Foot Fetish – Different Sewing machine feet, and why they are worth the investment

Your sewing machine will come with a variety of feet for you to use – but feet for a sewing machine are not just for show – they facilitate you achieving the best from your stitching and fabric: difficult tasks become a breeze (and more fun!) if we take the time to swap over a foot. And this is how a foot fetish begins! Speciality feet do vary between brands, so check what is compatible with your sewing machine make and model before purchasing!

I do not own every single one of these feet (yet!) but hope too (soon)! It is not a comprehensive list of what is available, but there are (more than) a few useful ones. Read more