Foot Fetish – Different Sewing machine feet, and why they are worth the investment

Your sewing machine will come with a variety of feet for you to use – but feet for a sewing machine are not just for show – they facilitate you achieving the best from your stitching and fabric: difficult tasks become a breeze (and more fun!) if we take the time to swap over a foot. And this is how a foot fetish begins! Speciality feet do vary between brands, so check what is compatible with your sewing machine make and model before purchasing!

I do not own every single one of these feet (yet!) but hope too (soon)! It is not a comprehensive list of what is available, but there are (more than) a few useful ones. Read more

Tooly Tool Holder Easel

Sewing organiserThis tooly tool holder pattern was found on Craftsy.

After inheriting a volume of wool, needles and equipment which doubled my own crafting room in content, I was in dire need of a refurb of my crafting room… after sorting out the basics (moving it to a larger room to start with!)  I started to search for something to hold my most-used small tools within easy reach of my sewing machine.

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Project: Knitting Needle Roll

2016-02-02 17.52.30After inheriting my Nanna’s Knitting Needles (and soooo much more), I had to go through them and check what I had double, and which I was keeping.  There were 100’s….  so after finalising what I was keeping, I needed an easier way to store – and find! – them. I did not use a pattern for this, but sewed it together adhoc.

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