Adapting the Noro Hat: Head band!

I started a hat for my sister-in-law, Jen, but she was so excited it ended up being a headband!  Doesn’t she look happy (and warm!) with my little Nephew, Antoine, in the picture?!

I took the Noro hat pattern and Aran weight wool (A lovely Marino-Soy mix!  So soft!) but adapted the pattern to make it into a headband as follows:Cast on 95 sts loosely, join in a round.
Worked in alternating bands of 4 rows knit, 4 rows purl
1-8: k (8 rnds)
9-12: p (4 rdns)
13-16: k (4 rnds)
17-20: p (4 rdns)
21-24: k (4 rnds)
25-28: p (4 rdns)
29-32: k (4 rnds)
33-36: p (4 rdns)
37-40: k (4 rnds)
41-44: p (4 rdns)
45-52: k (8 rdns)
casting off on last row.






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