Patchwork Triangle Pouch

triangle 1 triangle 3This was a fun project to make and looks beautiful when finished – it also serves as a fun way of recycling scraps of fabric…. I took great pleasure in using the leftovers from the Tooly-Tool Holder Easel I made earlier this week!


Pattern, Materials and Instructions can be found here, with thanks to the team at a Spoonful of Sugar for their fab pattern!

I made a few changes, using squares of 2 inches by 2 inches, to match the length of my zip, and also to ensure that it fit all my zips in (the purpose I decided on!) try this web-site.

laying out the fabrics

I simply adored playing around with the fabrics beforehand!

Never again will I throw these “scraps” away! I intend to have a draw JUST for squares in future!Patchwork-Triangle-Pouch

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