Strawberry Time

001 Strawberries

Taking the Fabric Strawberry Bouquet as a rough pattern and inspiration, I decided to make a punnet for a friend of mine for her new home!




  • Fabric in shades of reds and pinks
  • Green felt
  • Thread (in red/pink to match fabric)
  • Green embroidery thread
  • Needle (although a sewing machine can be used for the first step to save time, this can all be done by hand 😀 )
  • StuffingInstructions:

Cut out circles of fabric – I used a large mug to make the first then cut around it, although you could make a cardboard template and use that – diameter / size is up to you.  Cut the circles of fabric in half, so you are left with a semicircle.  Dont worry about having to cut perfectly here (below left).

004 Strawberries Fabric cut 2

Fold strawberry in half, right sides together.  Starting at bottom point, straight stitch (either by hand or with a machine, as I did) across the bottom, then up the sides of strawberry.  Clip the corners on the bottom (above right).

Turn the strawberry cone right side out. Using your thread and needle, stitch large straight stitches around the top of the strawberry.  If you tie a knot at the base of the thread beforehand, make sure it is secure.  (Otherwise you can choose to not tie a knot, and leave a long piece of thread, but I found this trickier in view of the size of the strawberries I was making).  (below) This will be used to gather the top in.

Tack 2 a

Stuff your strawberry – use as much or as little stuffing as you like. Pull the thread at the top of the strawberry to gather the top of the strawberry. Tie off and secure with a couple of stiches, easing the stuffing into the strawberry as you do so.

stuff and pull closed

Cut squares of the green felt out and form the leaves as indicated in the picture.  (NB you can decide how big or small you would like the leaves – I made a few before deciding upon the size)

Leaf Outline and cut

If you would like a “stem” (in this case my friend requested something with which she could hang the strawberries) then, using all 6 strands of the embroidery thread, tying a knot at the bottom of the thread, create a loop:  pull the thread through the centre of the leaf, wrap around 1 or 2 fingers (depending how big you want the loop) and thread it back through the felt in the same place and secure with a couple of stitches.stalk

Take your felt leaf and place it on top of strawberry, covering the gathering. Hold in place whilse you sew around it using 2 strands of the green embroidery thread,

Voila!  Your first strawberry is finished! 

002 Strawberries

I made 14 in total for my friend.  I look forward to seeing what she does with them!005 Strawberries final


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